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FHC’s New & Improved Food Truck Menu!

Firehouse Chefs Food Truck Menu graphicHey everybody – check out Firehouse Chef’s new & improved Food Truck menu (just click on the image to launch a full-sized version).


To enjoy our food in person, follow us on Twitter to know when we’ll be in your neck of the woods.

Bon appétit!

CSFA Features FHC’s Endeavors

Heads-up, FHC Community!

California Fire Service Magazine featured Firehouse Chefs in their May/June issue. Their reporter, Gary Giacomo, discusses in detail just how many things FHC has going on at present – which is a whole lot! Here’s what we’re currently (and soon to be) doing:

  • FHC Radio on Rant Radio Network, playing every Wednesday evening from 8-9p, PT, beginning June 19, 2013. In the LA area and not near a computer at those times? Tune into 1050 on the AM dial!
  • The Firehouse Chefs Food Truck, out & about every week in Southern California. Follow us on Twitter to get daily updates on our exact whereabouts: @fhcfoodtruck
  • Firehouse Chefs Catering – contact us to cater your next event!

Coming Soon:

  • 4 Bell Fitness will provide nutrition tips, workouts, cooking tips & more! Look for this new endeavor early Summer 2013.
  • FHC Creator, Fire Captain Eddie Sell, will soon be writing a monthly column in Firehouse Magazine. Stay tuned!
  • The Firehouse Chefs Restaurant is in the early planning stages, though is not yet ready for full disclosure. You’ll hear all of the wonderful details here first!

Can’t wait to get your hands on this article? Don’t! Here it is in all of its digital glory. Enjoy!

FHC Fitness Corner: February 2013 – February is American Heart Month

Welcome FHC Community!

FHC Fitness Corner graphicFebruary is American Heart Month, and we at Firehouse Chefs want to share some important info.

  • According to the CDC, Heart Disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women.
  • Heart attacks are the leading cause of death for firefighters.
  • Heart Disease is preventable and controllable.

Remember your ABCS!

  • A – Appropriate Aspirin Therapy
  • B – Blood Pressure Control
  • C – Cholesterol Management
  • S – Smoking Cessation

FHC Fitness Corner graphicFHC Nutrition Tip

  • Olive oil is one of the healthiest fats, with no cholesterol and high in mono-unsaturated fat. Use it daily, from breakfast to desserts, by substituting for butter or other less healthful fats. Olive oil is a key ingredient in our FHC Stinky Mike’s Garlic Sauce!

Web MD’s 25 Top Heart Healthy Food List

Thank you for checking out this month’s FHC Fitness Corner. Stay tuned for upcoming news about 4Bell Performance Nutrition, Paleo Diet Meal Bars, personal trainer tips, cooking tips, new recipes and more!

Happy Holidays

During this holiday season it is important to remember the little things that still make a difference. I was on duty last night and went on a young homeless man that was sleeping in an alley. He was polite and apologized for sleeping where he was at. One of my firefighters said, “Hey, this would be a good time to give out a Bowman Bag’’. I asked her what a Bowman Bag was. FF/PM Austin Siman then told me that Curt Bowman, an LBFD Engineer has these bags that he distributes to homeless people. The bags were collaboration between Curt and his mom and contain toiletry items, packaged food and other things that may show a bit of comfort to otherwise miserable living conditions. This act of kindness struck me in such a way that it peeled back some of the jaded layers and showed the selfless devotion firefighters/first responders show every single day around the World. When I asked Curt about his ‘Bowman Bags’ this morning he told me how he and his mom came up with the idea and then proceeded to tell me about another incident where FF/PM Steve Zahn took off his own socks and gave them to a cold, homeless person that had hole riddled socks. I called the Sandy Hook Volunteer FD in Connecticut last week and simply just asked them if there was anything Firehouse Chefs could do for them. As a firefighter with 20 years of experience I can tell you that we see horrifying things and have to perform our job with competence and compassion. It will be a long time before our brother and sister first responders can move forward from the images they saw and dealt with at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The point in all of this is that I wanted people to know that these things take place on a daily basis. I want to share these stories because nobody would ever know that despite cutbacks, political attacks, poor leadership or the changing landscape within the Fire Service that first responders care. These are all acts that would have gone unnoticed, yet I felt the need to say thank you. Thank you to everyone that serves in the Fire Service, Law Enforcement, EMS and the Military. You are all appreciated, needed and are an invaluable asset to the communities you serve.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays From Firehouse Chefs!

Eddie Sell
Firehouse Chefs LLC

Viva LA Foodies | Eddie’s career, the Firehouse Chef’s Food Truck, & all of that ink…

Viva LA Foodie, the ‘guilt free place for fellow foodies to come together and unite to discuss all things food and drink,’ caught up with Eddie and the crew at various locations around LA: at the Long Beach firehouse where he’s captain, on the streets of Downtown LA with the food truck, and at a YMCA Stair Climb for Los Angeles charity event sponsored by the NBC firefighter TV drama, Chicago Fire.

Firehouse Chefs Owner Eddie Sell and the Firehouse Chefs Food Truck Crew“The show is not far from Eddie’s day-to-day routine that encompasses two converging careers – as firefighter and chef – and all of the entrepreneurial functions that go with the territory that have become a part of Eddie’s reality. You never know where you will see Eddie next, but we know it will be hot and he will be on the front-lines.”

Gain a little insight into Eddie’s personal, professional and culinary past, including what his tattoos mean to him, and how he respects others while staying true to himself.

Read on: Q & A Interview with Chef Eddie Sell from the Firehouse Chefs Food Truck

FHC’s New Seattle Division, Headed by Chef Michael Poole

FHC Founder Chef Eddie Sell and Chef Michael Poole team up in front of Seattle's Pike's Peak Public MarketFHC is pleased to announce the launch of our Seattle Catering Division. Seattle Fireman & Chef Michael D. Poole will run the Seattle Division. Book your event, private party, and/or charity event today!

Which city is next? Contact FHC for info on catering and gourmet food truck opportunities.

Thanks for the support! Original FHC!

FirehouseChefs Fitness Corner

Welcome to FirehouseChefs Fitness Corner! Here you’ll find Celebrity Trainers / fitness experts, chefs, and nutritionists providing informative fitness tips and healthy recipes to live a strong and healthy lifestyle. Explore our site, get to know the FHC team members, Look for our monthly updates, and print delicious recipes, find inspiration and get ready to get fit with your Host Executive Chef Eddie Sell.
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Food Truck Friday with Firehouse Chefs Food Truck

Hey, Firehouse Chefs community! Check out Eddie and the gang as the Firehouse Chefs Food Truck gets local TV coverage – in this instance, where they rolled up to serve The Los Angeles County Fire Museum.

FHC’s Food Truck Menu & Cheat Sheet!

Hey, Firehouse Chefs community – check out our menus so that you can know just what we’ve got cooking! (Click on each to view separately as a downloadable pdf.)

FHC Food Truck Menu pdfFHC Food Truck Menu cheat sheet pdf

Women’s Apparel Available!

Ladies Firehouse Chefs T-Shirt, in blueHey, Firehouse Chefs community! Any women in the group who would like to don some awesome FHC gear? Well, wait no longer! Now available are soft, custom ladies T-shirts sporting the FHC logo on the front, and the url down the left side. Can’t decide which color to get? Don’t – get both! Available in rich blue & warm pink.

Ladies Firehouse Chefs T-Shirt in pink, shown with Firehouse Chefs Signature SpiceFor those with bright eyes, the photo on the left features both the FHC women’s tee as well as Firehouse Chefs Signature Spices (shown in commercial / firehouse-sized tubs), all residing on the custom Firehouse Chefs Cutting Board (not as yet available to the public – we’ll be certain to let you know when it is!).